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he Church Of Christ In Nation’s family have received a new addition to its pool of Gospel praise and hymns to boost praise and worships. Ever heard of the saying, he who sings prays twice. Yes, its the central theme for the new christian gospel song.

The new single is tittled YOUR LOVE which is directly translated into hausa as KAUNAR KA. The beautiful music lays emphasis on the unending and ever lasting love we humans received despite our short comings from our supreme being, GOD.

This effort is put together collaboratively from the pool of talent available in the COCIN LCC Hwolaza band in Plateau State

COCIN LCC HWOLAZA CHURCH BAND are working on their maiden album lunch Titled “YOUR LOVE” which consist of 10 self compose tracks by it’s group members with a track featuring an outstanding artist (care to know him, make it a date then) to be launch hopefully 24 of November 2019 @ COCIN LCC Hwolaza.

It’s in that light that they are releasing a single titled Your Love to give the public and insight on the contents of the album as two major producer in Jay City work on the album and include Ben Doughlas and Ill-konnect





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