Riyom Rock Formations

A stand out point of interest in Plateau State is the Riyom Rock Formations located in Riyom Local Government Area in Plateau State about 25 kilometers from the capital city of Jos, Plateau State.


The beautiful nature of the Riyom Rock Formations of Riyom LGA exhibits delicate stone arrangements in layers on each other which has been in existence for thousands or probably millions of years.

Riyom Rock formation is known among the local populace mostly the Berom ethnic group as Three Rocks.


Appreciate Beauty Of Nature.

As a tourist, when visiting Riyom Rock Formations, a camera should be available because you can’t afford not to capture the beautiful environment especially the 3-dimensional aspect of Riyom Rocks and catch the similarity with the map entire Plateau State.

Go Hiking

You should also go hiking at this place. Remember to have your hiking gear, wear comfortable shoes and have your camera with you while going hiking. The rock is not too high, so climbing it wouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Riyom Rock Formations are perfect for hiking and adventures. Don’t forget to have your hiking gear, shoes and camera handy because the rocks are not too high for a picture when on it.