Jos Wild Life Park

Jos Wild Life Park is a major point of interest available in Plateau State. It highlights the preservation of wild life against extinction.

Jos wildlife park

The establishment of Jos Wild Life Park was facilitated by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In terms of size, Jos Wildlife Park is the largest man made zoological gardens found in Nigeria and with the wildest species of animals finding a home within it walls due to its location and weather condition which is found nowhere in Nigeria.

The Jos Wild Life Park in Plateau State is loaded with wild animals such as Elephant, Ostrich, python, Zebra and giraffe.

Jos wildlife park


Visiting tourist in Plateau State find it difficult to locate Jos Wild Life Park. However, Jos Wild Life Park is located opposite Federal Lowcost Housing in Jos South Local Government Area in Plateau State along Shagaya Estate road.

In a bid to generate revenue for the Plateau State Government, a gate pass is required which will be obtained after payment of required fee and collection of receipt, entrance is granted.

Cars and vehicles are parked at the allocated parking areas and tourist must walk around to avoid disturbance and not to scare the animals in the park. Children are not allowed to go very close to the animals to avoid being harmed.

After a successful day in Jos Wild Life Park, visitors always relinquish the experience the have while in Jos, Plateau State