Shendam Local Government Area In Plateau State

The distance between Jos to Shendam is estimately 150 kilometres at a geographical location called lowland. Traditional ruler of shendam traditional council is the first class chief known with the tittle of His Royal Highness(HRH) Long Goemai of Shendam.

The Goemai of Shendam arrived their present location through 3 phases of migration in 200BC – 1000AD, 1100-1700AD and 1600 – 1800AD. The evolution of Goemai society and language has metamorphorsed and makes it stand out among other ethnic groups in Plateau South.

Shendam has a total number 04 districts with the following chiefdoms; Dorok, Du’ut, Jakhattoe, Kwo, Japjan and Abakwariga.

Map of Shendam LGA, Plateau State