Plateau State Ministry Of Water Resources And Energy

It became a mandate in 1999 for the Plateau State Government to create a new Ministry for the control of water resources and energy especially in rural areas of Plateau State. The provision of clean and portable water to the entire Plateau State is the vision which the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy.

In line with policies of the government of Plateau State, the ministry executes the following activities;

  • Increase public investment in rural infrastructure in a bid to bridge the developmental gap between urban and rural areas.
  • Ensuring the provision and maintenance of adequate infrastructural facilities and services in the rural and semi urban centers.
  • Promoting the participation of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS), Private sector enterprises (PSEs), Non-Profit organizations (NPOs), etc., in the provision and management of infrastructure.

The Ministry of Water resources is headed by a Commissioner, also is the Chief Executive of the Ministry while the Permanent Secretary is the Administrative Head as well as the Chief Accounting Officer. The Ministry functions through four (4) Departments, with each headed by a Director. Out of the said four (4) Departments, two are service oriented while the remaining two (2) are operations departments as specified below-

  1. Service Departments:
    1. Department of Administration.
    2. Department of Finance and Supplies.
  2. Operational Department:
    1. Department of Water Resources.
    2. Department of Energy.

Ministry of Water Resource and Energy also has two functional units, which are Internal Audit and press\Public Relations and two (2) major parastatais which are within its jurisdiction.

These parastatals are the Plateau State Water Board (PSWB) and Plateau State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (PRUWASSA).

The Ministry of Water Resources and Energy has recorded milestone achievement in water sector and rural electrification.