Ministry Of Works Plateau State


Plateau State Ministry of Works offers professional advice to Plateau State Government on Technical matters such as it concerns design, construction and maintenance of Plateau State infrastructures and oversee’s all engineering works of Plateau State Government.

The Commissioner of Plateau State Ministry of Works is appointed by Governor of the State and serves as the Chief Executive Office of the Ministry and the permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Works oversee’s administrative functions of the Ministry. Here is below is the 3 agencies of the Ministry of Works;

  1. Plateau State Road Maintenance Agency.
  2. Governing Council Plateau State Polytechnic B/Ladi.
  3. Governing Council College of Education Gindiri

The Ministry of Works has for administrative convenience been divided into the following departments:

  1. Administrative Department
  2. Civil Engineering Department
  3. Electrical Engineering Department
  4. Mechanical Engineering Department
  5. Finance and Supplies Department
  6. Planning, Research and Statistics Department
  7. All Departments are headed by a Director.