Ministry Of Housing And Urban Development, Plateau State

Following the creation of Ministry for Urban Development by the Plateau State Government in 2007 to look into the issue which industrialization brings in Plateau State. However, the Ministry for Urban Development was merged with its housing division to create the present Plateau State Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

The Ministry engage in policy formulation, supervision of such policies and subsequently execution of such policies to improve development and urbanization of urban centers in Nigeria. The physical planning, design and construction of urban centers in Plateau State is a primary role of Plateau State Ministry of Housing and Urban development in regards to urban/township road networks to ease economic activities in urban centers in Jos Plateau State.

In accordance with the Nigeria Urban and Regional Planning Act of 1992, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is saddled with the task of implementing provisions for the policy formulation of Plateau State Urban and Regional Planning Laws and also it is involve in preparation of the plans, local structures, plans and incremental plans for urban centers in the state. Finally, the planning and development of new towns to address congestion in existing urban centers which was brought about by increase migration and industrialization in the cities is also a major function of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

They following activities in Plateau State was initiated and executed by the Plateau State Ministry of Housing and Urban Developments;

The Ministry of Housing and Urban development produced satellites images for twenty six (26) towns and completion of baseline digital maps and data in software and hard copies in 2007 under David Jonah Jang of People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P).

Construction of 5 kilometers urban road which reached 100% completion in Barkin Ladi, Bassa, and Shendam Local Government Area’s.

Plateau State Ministry of Housing andd Urban Development made provision for Land use Development Plans for six Local Government Council headquarters which were completed in Ba’ap, Tunkus , Mabudi, Riyom, Kanke, and Angwari.