Ministry Of Commerce And Industry, Plateau State

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is a key sector in Plateau State which main function is harnessing the available potentials of the entire State.

The ministry of Commerce and Industry involves in the development process in regards to industrialization and commercialization aim at reducing poverty and generating employment for jobless youths in Plateau State.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Plateau State has following major objectives;

  1. Ensuring the optimum utilization of resources through industrialization
  2. Drive the economy through the commercialization of resources
  3. Encourage private participation in government-initiated projects
  4. Registration and supervision of business organizations
  5. Providing facilities for market traders
  6. Promoting the image of Plateau State as a viable business destination

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has a total number of five department(s) that use its skilled staffs to increase the development of Plateau State. They departments include;

  1. Commerce Department
  2. Industry Department
  3. Co-operative Department
  4. Personnel Department
  5. Finance and Supplies Department.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has control of external agencies to achieve its objectives. These agencies include;

In view of the Ministry’s objectives, it was given supervision of the following:

  1. Plateau Investment and Property Company (PIPC) Ltd
  2. PIPC Security Ltd
  3. Highland Bottling Co
  4. First Capital Savings and Loans
  5. Jos International Breweries
  6. Plateau Fertilizer Ltd
  7. Jos Main Market Authority