Plateau State Government Ministry’s And Commissioners

Welcome to Plateau State Government Ministry’s And List of Commissioners.

The supreme body of authority in Plateau State, Nigeria is the Plateau State Government and like most governments of individual states in Nigeria has several Ministry’s, Agencies and Parastatals which over see its everyday business for sustainability and peace in Plateau State.

Since its creation by General Yakubu Gowon in 1976, the Plateau State Government has consistently grown its number of ministry’s to suites it population growth and attempts for development of Plateau State. Each Ministry in Plateau State is headed by a political appointee, referred to as Commissioner and Permanent Secretary is the administrative head of the Ministry.

Here is a list of the total number of Ministry in Plateau State.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Information and Culture

Ministry of Mineral Development

Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Hospitality

Ministry of Water Resources and Energy

Ministry of Works

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Ministry of Youths and Sport