Chris Alli


Mohammed Chris Alli served as Chief of Army Staff to Genera Sani Abacha’s regime between 1993-1994. General Ibrahim Babangida appointed Chris Alli the military governor of Plateau State, a capacity which he served from 1985-1986.

In May 2004, the elected President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo declared emergency rule in Plateau State following the violent eruptions that engulf Plateau State where over 50,000 persons were killed especially in Yelwa, Shendam Local Government Area of Plateau State. Chirs Alli was appointed the interim administrator of Plateau State, where he initiated the Plateau Peace program promoting dialogue among the different religoius, ethnic and community leaders and State-wide peace conference. It was this period amnesty was granted to person’s in possession of weapons.

Chris Alli interim administration prove successful as handed over back to civillian rule in Plateau State in November 2004