Plateau State

Following the creation of Plateau State in during the military administration of General Yakubu Gowon in 1976 out of the Benue-Plateau and covers the original Plateau region in Nigeria and with claims Plateau State is situated in the center of the country, Nigeria. General Sani Abacha separated Plateau and Nassaraw State in 1996.

Plateau State shares boundary with Bauchi in the North East, Kaduna State in the North West, Nassarawa State in the South West and Taraba State in the South East.

Plateau State has a total landmass area of 26,899 square kilometres and an estimated total population of three million people (National Population Commission, 2006) and it can be found on the following geographical coordinates; latitude 08°24’N and longitude 008°32′ and 010°38′ East.

The rock formations in Plateau State is quite captivating for tourist travelers seeking for destination in Nigeria having a higher altitude than any State in Nigeria resulting in the low temperature experience between December and February and high temperature between March and April

Plateau State, just as its slogan “Home of Peace and Tourism” has great and world class tourist attraction centers and the most preferred tourist destination in Nigeria and Africa.

Plateau State at its creation had only fourteen Local Government Area’s and in 1996 it has created additional three Local Government Area’s to bring a total of 17 LGA’s in Plateau State.