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Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine University Of Jos

The veterinary Medicine Faculty of University of Jos have a total number of seven departments and they include they following;

  • Theriogeniology and Production
  • Veterinary Anatomy
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
  • Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
  • Veterinary Parasitology and Entolomology
  • Veterinary Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology
  • Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Prof. (Mrs) Lami Lombin is the current Dean of studies of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in University of Jos.

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Faculty Of Social Sciences University Of Jos

University of Jos most vibrant faculty is the Faculty of Social Sciences located at the University of Jos Permanent site along Farin Gada in Jos North Local Government Area.

The Faculty of Social Sciences house the following departments which include;

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Prof. A.C. Abimuku is the current Dean of studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences in University of Jos.

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Faculty Of Pharmaceuticals Science University Of Jos

The University of Jos Main Campus along bauchi Road in Jos is where the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is located.

This Faculty has the following departments and include they following below;

  • Biotechnology Pharmaceutics
  • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy
  • Pharmacognosy and Traditional Medicine
  • Pharmacology

Prof. Ikoni Joshua Agaji is the current Dean of studies Faculty of Pharmaceuticals Science.

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Faculty Of Natural Sciences University Of Jos

The Faculty of Natural Sciences in University of Jos is one of the most populated Faculties in the higher institution of learning in Plateau State.

This Faculty is located at the Main Campus of University of Jos along Bauchi Road in Jos North Local Government Area and it has a total of ten departments and they include the following;

  • Chemistry
  • Computer Sciences
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Plant Science and Technology
  • Remedial Studies
  • Science Laboratory Technology
  • Zoology

Prof. (Mrs) Georgina S. Mwansat is the incumbent Dean of studies Faculty of Natural Sciences.

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University Of Jos Graduates 1st Set Students Of Cyber Security

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In a bid to stem the tide of cybercrime and damage to computer hardware in the country, the University of Jos has trained and graduated its first set of Master of Science (M.Sc) Computer Science Students from the Unijos Cisco Networking Academy.

The Cyber Security Essentials course which covers a wide range of tactics, techniques and procedures including principles of confidentiality and integrity, explains how cyber security professionals use technologies and protocols to defend all components of the network and apply laws related to cyber security.

Professor Seddi Sebastian Maimako, the Vice-Chancellor of University of Jos while presenting the certificates of completion to the Fifty graduands at the ICT Complex II, Naraguta Campus where the event was held tasked the graduands to utilize the knowledge gained in other to contribute their quota to the IT industry owing to the fact that the world now relies on the knowledge economy to develop.

The Vice-Chancellor was ably by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Tanko Ishaya expressed the University’s determination to produce global leaders that will add positively to great achievements in the future.

Professor Maimako urged Staff of the University to take proactive steps towards synergizing across the various disciplines in order to harness untapped skills and potentials among the Students.

Acting Director, ICT Directorate, Benjamin Jang said the graduands had been trained with the requisite knowledge and skills to enable them work anywhere in the world.

Goodwill messages were presented by the course instructors, Dr. Mary-Jane Sule and Paul Oche encouraging the graduands to enroll for further studies that will assist them in their future endeavours.

Two of the graduating students, Betty Dimka and Ishaya Nuhu Joshua appreciated their instructors and promised to contribute in reducing the menace of cybercrime in the society.

The event which climaxed with the presentation of certificates had 18 Staff of the ICT Directorate among Fifty of the graduands.

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Faculty Of Agriculture University Of Jos

University of Jos has the faculty of Agriculture with the following departments in the institution.

  • Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
  • The Farm

The faculty of agriculture in University of Jos is very important and crucial for its imparts the major tenets of modernize agricultural practices for individuals all over the country. Significantly, in Plateau State and environment agricultural activities are a major source of livelihood for people.

Therefor, the creation of the faculty of agriculture in the university of Jos is timely and great boost to development of agriculture in Plateau State and Nigeria.

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Carnegie Corporation Of New York

When it comes to philanthropic funding and networking, then the Carnegie Corporation of New York comes first to bare in mind for support towards educational programs and advancement which began first in the United State and subsequently to other nations in the world iincluding Nigeria.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York was established in 1911 by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie Corporation has promoted institutional research notably United States National Research Council and Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies and University of Jos, Nigeria in 2003

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Avoid 419ners With These Tips. Thank Me Later.

Hello, reading this message is the perfect timing. I mean you must have an experience or heard from someone story.
Don’t hide behind ‘ I don’t care attitude because this information really will help you, friends, colleague’s and family.
All new intake and students of higher institution of learning go through vigorous process of registration to obtain university matriculation
number for identification.

Remember how many times you listen to students tell how the fell into booby traps of fraudsters, as we popularly call them on campus, scammers and 419ners.
Its felt terribly bad after you hear their experience and by sharing this post you make it a duty to help inform others on how to identify a scammer become he/she scams you.
With this development, higher institutions administration should seek to advice new intake properly on ways to avoid being played upon and getting defrauded.

Using different means like radio stations, TV channels and online portals to enlighten students. For instance, University of Jos administration make use of IceFM 96.1 and its ICT and department to compel students not to patronize road site cyber cafe operators situated in front of Semshak Hotel at the Main Campus Bauchi road and just opposite Main gate permanent site
along Farin Gada road.


  1. He/She pretend to be innocent
  2. He/She talks in a rush and mix up points
  3. He/She is eager to collect money instantly from you.
  4. He/She wants to make use of his bank account for the transaction despite telling him/her you can make use of your personal
  5. He/She insist he needs your security details you use for bank transaction.

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GOGAN Open Entries For National Essay Competition

Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria (GOGAN) today announced its essay writing competition for Nigerians with the chance to win brand new smartphones.

The essay writing competition, which is organized by Non-Governmental Organization named GOGAN is opened to Nigerians above 18years and Permanent Voters Card holders across the state.

According to the National Chairman of GOGAN, Chief Felix Idiga, the nationwide competition will bring together Nigerians from all over in an intellectual bout that challenges them to develop smart solutions and unleash hidden potentials that will project good leadership in the country.

He said: “The winner will be celebrated and rewarded openly, because we want to reverse the horrendous poetry that celebrates bad leaders above those who are studious and focused on changing the perception of leadership in the country.”

See procedures

1. Follow GOGAN on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram

2. Visit GOGAN official website and register

3. Submit your essay to

4. All essay must be address properly to GOGAN National Secretary

5. All interested candidates must be holders of PVC

6. All candidate must be 18+.

Amaizing prizes awaits the winners.

Wait for nothing.

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University of Jos Political Science POL 312


COURSE TITLE: Logic and Method of political Inquiry


SESSION: 2016/17


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer any three questions.

1.       What is Research? State the importance of research ethics in political inquiry.

2.       Discuss briefly each of the following

a.       Inductive Reasoning

b.      Deductive Reasoning

c.       Positivist Approach

d.      Interpretivist Approach

3.       Describe the main features of a good research design

4.       Explain the process of selecting a research topic.

5.       Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research and explain two (2) qualitative and quantitative research designs.

6.       Using relevant examples list and explain the various types of probability and non-probability sampling.

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University Of Jos Political Science POL 316


COURSE TITLE: Government and Administration of Urban system


SESSION: 2016/17


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer any three questions.

1.       Explain the causes and consequences of urbanization

2.       Using the urban realms model as a yardstick, asesss the challenges of and prospects for urban renewal in Jos.

3.       Discuss the roles of the urban ethnic, religion and self help association in determining the quality of urban life and administration in Jos.

4.       a) Explain the concept of Urban Governance

b) Discuss its dimensions.

5.       Critically assess five (5) institutions responsible for urban administration in Nigeria

6.       Evaluate the mechanism through which the government can mainstream gender in urban administration/development.

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University Of Jos Political Science POL 315


COURSE TITLE: Public policy making and analysis


SESSION: 2016/17


INSTRUCTIONS: Answer any three questions.

1.       Discuss any four (4) theories/approaches to the study of public policy.

2.       Examine the roles of four (4) key actors in the public policy process in Nigeria

3.       Evaluate with suitable examples five (5) types of public policy.

4.       Discuss the conditions necessary for the successful implementation of policies.

5.       What are the various ways in which policy impacts can be felt?

6.       What are the problems associated with policy evaluation? Or

a.       List and explain the key strategies of the National Economic Empowerment Strategy (NEEDS)

b.      Why has the poverty rate continued to increase after many years of the implementation of NEEDS?

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University Of Jos Accounting Department ACC 311 Exam Question

Course code: ACC 311

Course Tittle: Financial Accounting

Session: 2016/17

Credit Unit: 

Time: 2 hours

Instruction: Attempt all questions


1. Debenture should be recognised as …..when the payment does not fall within 12 months.

2. A company can either be financed by …. or a ….

3. Containers that are relatively cheap compared to the goods inside are referred to as …..

4. In a consignment transaction ….. contains the minimum amount the consignee can sell the goods and the description for the goods.

5. The admission of a new partner automatically signifies ….. of the old partnership.

6. In accounting for returnable  containers, the deposit paid by the customer is known as the ….. while the refund to the customer is called …..

7. The purpose of the container inventory accounts is…..

8. The price paid for new containers is known as…..

9. The right of transfer of shares is restricted in a…..

10. The amount of dividends payable to the shareholders of a company is dependent on ….., ….. and …..

11. Possession of efficient and well trained staff can generate ….. for a firm.

12. Only ….. goodwill should be recognised as asset in the books of a firm.

13. The type of events that will give rise to fundamental change in the respective rights of partners in a partnership business includes; ….., ….. and …..


1. a. Abu Nigeria  Limited issued a 10% debenture of N5 million in January 2014 which is to be redeemed by annual drawings with the final repayment on 31 December 2017. Ignoring the interest element, you are to show the transaction in the relevant  books of Abu Nigeria Limited.


   b. Kenbuk Limited deliver goods to customers in plastic crates. The crates are bought @N8 each but invoiced to customers @10 each. There is arrangement that for every crate returned by customers within three months of delivery in good condition, customers will be credited back with N9.

On 1 January 2014, there were 7,500 crates in the warehouse, 25,500 crates with the customers and 360 crates in transit. During the year, 27,600 crates were invoiced to the customers, 33,000 were returned in good condition and credited at full price. 330 crates were returned late by customers, 150 of these crates were still credited back in full but the remaining credited @ N5. Repairs were made to the crates @ N780. 120 crates were retained by customers. 90 damaged crates were scrapped at the half of the original value. On 31 December 2014, the closing inventory shows 12,900 crates in the warehouse, 19,650 crates with the customers and 300 crates in transit. The closing stock is valued @ N7 each. You are required to show 

 I. The plastic crates inventory account.(5marks)

 II. Briefly explain how Kenbuk limited was able to invoice 27,600 crates to customers without purchasing extra crates when the total opening balance of crates in the warehouse and in transit was 7,860 (5marks).


a. In the absence of express or implied agreements, how did the partnership act expect the following to be treated?

i. The sharing of profit and loss

ii. Partner’s Capital Account.

iii. Partners loan.

iv. Salary payment to partners

v. Introduction of a new partner. (5marks)

b. Write short note on the following;

i. Capital Reserves

ii. Revenue Reserves

iii. Memorandum of Association

iv. Unlimited Company

v. Company limited by guarantee.

c. What are the accounting entries for the following transactions while dealing with the admission of a new partner?

i. Bringing goodwill into the books.

ii. The amount of capital introduced by the new partner.

iii. Revaluation gains

iv. Reversal of goodwill from the books.

v. The amount paid by the new partner as his share of goodwill. (5marks).

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University Of Jos Political Science POL 318 Exam Question

COURSE TITLE: Politics of Development and Underdevelopment

Course Code: POL 318

Session: 2016/2017

Semester:  1st

Time: 2hours 15mins

Instructions: Answer any three (3) questions.


1.       Which theory best explains the crisis of development in the third world?

2.       Discuss the politics of Direct Foreign investment as a panacea for Africa’s development.

3.       The Bretton Wood institutions have reinforced the underdevelopment of Africa states. Discuss

4.       How has democracy enhanced development in Africa?

5.       Why is gender an issue in the development discourse of third world countries

6.       Can neo-liberal development strategies rescue third world countries from the crisis of development?

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University Of Jos Political Science POL 319 Exam Questions

Course: Theories of International Relations

Course Code: POL 319

Session: 2013/14

Semester: 1st Semester

Time: 2 ¼ Hours

1.       Discuss the role of the 1648 treaty of Westphalia in the development of contemporary international relations.

2.       State and explain the features of the contemporary international system.

3.       Levels of analysis are vital in the understanding of the international system. Discuss

4.       As a political science student, discuss the position of the realist and idealist explanation of events in the contemporary political system.

5.       How would you explain international Relations from the perspective of the feminist theory?

6.       Highlight the central theses of the following theories in the study of International Relations:

a.       Decision- making theory

b.      Deterrence theory

c.       Balances of power theory.

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University Of Jos Sociology Department SOC

Course:  Women In Society

Course Code: SOC 220

Semester: 1st Semester

Time 2 ¼ Hours

Instruction: Answer any three (3) Question.

1.       Gender roles are not different from sex roles. To what extend is this statement true?

2.       What is gender based violence? Discuss the causes and myths surrounding it.

3.       What are the factors needed for women to be empowered?

4.       Discuss practical and strategic needs of women.

5.       How do gender gaps account for the presentation and participation of Nigeria women in politics and positions of power?