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EiD El Kabir: Hyacinth Turnoe Appeal for Harmony and Safety

Hyacinth Turnoe appeal for Unity and Safety.

Muslim faithfuls are celebrating today as Eid El Kabir. A period to reflect on unity, love, peace and prosperity.
In light of the Eid El Kabir celebrations,  Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe has call for celebration of the event and lauds the Muslim faithfuls to reflect on the positive virtues that will propel Nigeria into a great nation.
According  to Hyacinth Turnoe, Religious sentiments among Nigerians is a source of unhealthy social living over the years but with awareness on tolerance and social harmony in being practise among people presently is it was decades ago.

The Eid El Kabir is a period to reflect and promote positive values to boost unity and tolerance amongst the diverse people of Nigeria.

Further speaking, Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe concludes the necessity of taking precautions of staying safe during the period of Eid El Kabir and subsequent festivities especially as the world is being hit with global pandemic COVID-19. He says” Covid-19 cuts across demographic lines and is a repecter of no religion and culture. When you notice this, then you have to abide by the guidelines set out by PTF on Covid-19 and NCDC to protect yourself and your family.


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Covid-19: Outbreak Hits Plateau State LGA

A total closure of Shendam General Hospital has been authorised by the Plateau State Government following the Outbreak of Corona virus in the hospital.

This was contain on a Monday morning broadcast by AgroFm on 20th July 2020.

It’s allege that 3 staffs of Shendam General Hospital tested positive for the Covid-19 after being critical ill as reported to Josloaded media.

Further investigation reveals the staff got infected after treatment a deceased colleague working the hospital. The came in contact while trying evacuate the deceased to Jos University Teaching Hospital using a medical ambulance which eventually died in the ambulance before take off.

However, Josloaded media made attempt to speak to the CMD of Shendam General Hospital but prove abortive as he has not replied to our agent.

The LGA has been thrown into mourning as the hospital admits quite a number of patients daily and there are fears that they might have contact the deadly already.

Stay with us for more updates coming soon.

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Plateau Lawmaker Unites Jos South & North

The Lawmaker representing Jos South and East in the Federal House of Representatives in Abuja has brought joy to the people of Jos South and North together.

Despite the lack of funds for constituency projects, the Lawmaker effort was purely personal.

The rains and here again and the only road linking the two communities is in bad condition and needed urgent attention.

The Lawmaker, Dachung Musa Bagos was moved by a viral video going online and swiftly sworn to action

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Relationship: Sex And Drugs



We live in an era enhanced by science and technology to solve our real world problems and issue we face.

Sex is natural and has divine ordination for married couples only as contain in the scripture (Exodus 34:28) for the sole purpose of reproduction to fill the earth according to the command of God Almighty.

Drugs are substances meant for the treatment of ailments and sickness which are either chemically or traditional produce.

The advancement of science has improve medicine and drugs too. Little wonder you walk in to patent stores and get medical remedies for the sickness in your body.

Humanity have deviated from the norm and both sex and drugs are abused. Sex is a pleasure for youths in a relationship and seen as a basis for true love which however is not a yardstick for true love (Cynthia Turnoe, 2020). Sex enhancement drugs are equally available to boost sexual stamina and longevity.

The question” How Sex and Drugs Interact” in our society has left many with traumatic experience and some leading to psychological disorders and even death.

 Listen, and read more on the internet of suicide and homicides emanating from relationships gone wrong and there you find and underlying drugs motivated behaviors and actions.

Its effect is devastating due to the influence of drugs on a human system. When drugs get into your system it acts directly on the thinking IQ and influence your actions as research has shown that rapist acted violently towards their victims under the influence of drugs. The controlling effects of the drugs breeds nuisance and deviance talking of drugs like Tramadol, Exol-5, Rafenol and Cocaine.

Solution to this includes but not limited to the following;

Campaign and awareness on drug abuse

Rehabilitation of drug addicts

Enlightenment on Healthy Social Relationship

Prayers and Commitment to the will of God Almighty

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Breaking: Governor Test Positive For Covid-19

Exclusive reports reaching Josloaded Media agent has reveal that a Nigerian Governor who was tested for the dreaded world pandemic virus has been confirmed to be positive.

The Governor, Simon Bako Lalong subjected himself and his family for a second bout of the test on 4th July 2020 after a close aide was confirmed to be positive recently.

This was made available through a press release by the director of press, Makut Samuel on Monday 5th July 2020.

The Governor however express high hopes towards recovery and cautioned the people not to see the outcome as a death sentence but a good step to manage the malady effectively.

He further states that people should avail themselves for test as there are testing facilities in the State that have conducted over 6000 test already.

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Shocking: Kanye West Next Ambition

International music star Kanye West has made the announcement of his Ambition to run for the President of UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

This was made known via his official Twitter handle on July 5 2020.

Kanye West is a reknown music producer and rapper with numerous awards cutting to his entertainment era and had work with the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Designer and Pusha T.

Josloaded media reports from his Twitter official account where

We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

Following the pronouncement, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk might be in support of Kanye West Ambition to become the President of America because Elon Musk immediately tweeted: “You have my full support!”

See Kanye West’s tweet below