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Label Mates Exchange Words over Theft In Jos.

Jos music entertainment has woken up to a scuttle coming from former label Mates signed to Very Fly Nation over theft allegations.

This was reveal to Josloaded media how the label Mates has dragged each other over the internet over internal issues they both harbor for each other.

This is coming after Shadez Solomon Labar made exit from the label and was trolled by his former label mate for theft issues and how he was pardoned by the management of the entertainment company with hopes he will change his attitude.

Shadez ex-label mate, Mudar Mutbam reveal that Shadez left the label because he is a thief as he has stolen from his friends and family members.

Exclusive reports states that Shadez equally made threats towards a popular Jos OAP, VJ TWITCH which it was claim it led to his being attacked physical by unknown persons.

The issue has equally taken a different dimension as the issue is made public by the entertainment company which VJ Twitch is signed to and threaten to hold Shadez responsible if any harm should come the way of VJ Twitch again.

See screenshot of the travails between the ex-label mates.

The artistes where able to hold each other for years since the where signed in 2017 and knew the shortcomings of each other. But the the saying, what are friends for if not to back each other up. Could it be the relationship has turn sour and each has his opinion of the other and since the center holds no water the came for each other.

Mudar Mutbam accuse Shadez of using a stolen phone to chat and brag on the internet despite him having hopes for Shadez to change his behavior for good.

However, Shadez Solomon says Mudar is still bitter over songs which he has not mixed for him in the studio and calls on Mudar to focus on his on Hussle as he is still a popular demand.

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Music: Shyn – Sometimes [Prod. By Milez]

Shyn is inspiration. True to a cause is the key word found in his pool of being.
The Benue born entertainer creates and innovate just in time with change that comes with everday.
Grew up and school in Barkin Ladi LGA in PLATEAU STATE where he lead dancing class and association with the famous Shot The Birth style alongside now foremost LMG Music star, Supreme Jizzle with onslaught against CMI ZAWAN, CSJ VOM, ST LOUIS GIRLS COLLEGE, ST JOHN’S COLLEGE and beat down where Rudeboy and Mr P school in Jos.

Shyne is class and exotic, key updates for weekly purchase are available for weekly purchase when you follow and hit benefits open to unlimited entertainment.

Shyne reveals lifestyle in Netswipe magazine chat with Stevens Simi on keeping a flexible state of mind leads to greatness and it is inspiration for entertainment. ” I mean what else make you happy is definitely your jack pot and you need to take it everyday. If my music make you happy you listen everyday and psychology study tells if a thought, word, action is repeated in 30 days its grows to a habit.” You are addicted to happiness.

When hit it the effects of addiction to his music if he influence drug abuse, violence, deviance, and sexualization as relative to USA entertainment events where drugs and substance abuse is a culture.

Available on sale is entertainment slip on 1-2 weekly newsletter from Netswipe only to access hit entertainment.

Watch An Amazing Skit by Shyn

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Do You Agree With Mayor Of Jos.

Self acclaim Mayor of Jos city, Elmore Hodus has broken the internet with an opposite view of the coin.

Elmore, the music producer of Tinny Entertainment is of the point that being a bachelor makes you spend more cash than when you are married.

This is ground breaking, because a trip among the bachelors will tell you exactly the opposite view.

Well, Elmore got married barely Eight months ago and this is from experience and about to make everyone agree or disagree.

Could it be what you planned for with your partner is the factor behind reckless spending. For instance, a bachelor is all for himself on his income while a couple need make priorities right and a lot of sacrifice to meet up with the goals set to be achieved in both the short and long run.
Honestly, am a bachelor and I find it hard to comprehend Elmore on this going by what I have learn from the environment. However, what’s the opinion of others on the issue.

Josloaded will make out 10 persons to speak to divided in to two groups(singke/married)of 5 persons each to learn from diverse perspective.


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Hyacinth Turnoe: Youth Unite Against Terrorism

Nigeria Youths are encourage to shun all social vice that makes up the hindrance to socio-economic development in Nigeria.

In a powerful message sent to the youths in Nigeria by seasoned security expert in Nigeria, HYACINTH HORVEL TURNOE call on the youths to remain strong despite the challenges available and never give in to the make it quick syndrome which births to deviance against our cultural norms and values as a country.

” The youths must receive encouragement not as an end to challenges but as catalyst for growth to surpass the major shortcomings I Nigeria.

Hyacinth Turnoe is a youth advocate of Nigerian and Director of Operations, Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria (GOGAN).