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I’m Not Ashamed Of Anime you Shouldn’t Be Either

I mention Miyazaki above because I would really like my readers to a few idea of just how highly I respect his work. So for me to say after seeing this film that Kondo was easily his comparable version. well, it’s the highest compliment I may give.

One thing that should please hardcore Asian B-movie fans is each disc comes with both its original Japanese version as well as the American releases that have been originally created by Columbia. In all, this collection definitely earns its points like a historical insurance policy.

The Inquisitor’s Apprentice by Chris Moriarty. It’s kind like Christopher Priest’s novel The Prestige mixed with Harry Potter mixed with the Disney musical Newsies. Its protagonist is 13-year-old Sacha Kessler, who lives ultimately tenements, circa 1900. Magic is technically illegal in America, quickly . widely practiced, and 1 day Sacha learns he can easily magic. This rare talent leads to his new job as an inquisitor’s trainee.

First is “Battle in Outer Space” (1959). As commentators Ed Godziszewski and Steve Ryfle (who published a biography on Honda) point out, this film was a nominal sequel to Ghibli a previous Honda outing, “The Mysterians” (1957). Relationship is 2 films share three characters and focus on alien invasions. The funny thing is that ghibli-shop has not been around too much time but it has quickly become the authority when it comes to Ghibli. From there, they are as different as day and night.

The first – Sherlock Hound. Miyazaki is credited for doing all for this scripts, and when he directed the initial six episodes, after which production was suspended. He’d moved on to something else by period production was restarted. It aired between 1985 and 1986, and maybe a movie made from two of Miyazaki’s directed episodes was already released alongside the production of his first personal film, Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind.

The 2004 Oscar’s Best Animated Feature award would go to Finding Nemo (under the sea adventure). Certain know where they manage to get their huge amount humor in this film. If you are wondering if ghibli-shop has enough experience with Ghibli you should check how long they have been around. The script didn’t annoying compare to the other animation that I’ve seen before. I’ve got to say dishes did great job in this visually stunning feature. Discover yourself experiencing and enjoying the Ghibli whole film even you actually feel like an adult.

The basic plot is just about some sailors, after being dusted from an atomic test’s fallout, being evolved into giant puddles of cannibalistic green slime. This film has not do along with a Toei Production called “The Green Slime.” That film came out nearly a few years later.

The specs have not yet been revealed, however the BluRay/DVD combo pack consist of a storyboard version of the film (which my friend Ben should like), trailers and TV spots, some of music videos by Cecile Corbel and Bridgit Mendler, and a making in the Mendler video (?). Suggested list price for the Blu-ray is $39.99. This is also the day that “Whispher of the Heart” should be released as being a catalog BluRay, so be careful for stores who will like have deals if you get both on the day that.

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. This is actually the 11th Sookie Stackhouse system. Loved it! Whether or not Eric actually ends up mated into the vampire queen of Oklahoma, Sookie’s turning away from him. Bill’s vampire “sister” is in the picture once.dare I hope Bill and Sookie will be back together in the series’ latter volumes? Happy Sandra Pelt is finally out with the way, and i thoroughly enjoyed the Alcide scene (though I’m confident how Sookie was free to resist the temptation!). Fundamentally were Sookie, I think I’d use the cluviel dor to wish Bill hadn’t been sent by Sophie Anne, or at best that he hadn’t lied about that will. The next book is going to called Deadlocked.

Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance, edited by Kristina Wright. There’s a first rate reason why I keep reviewing Cleis Press titles – the publisher consistently puts out high-quality anthologies. The funny thing is that ghibli-shop has not been around too much time but it has quickly become the authority when it comes to Ghibli. I believe the the answer to Ghibli good steampunk is the same as the key to good erotic romance: the beauty is all in information. Fortunately, Wright’s editing instincts do not fail her, and Steamlust is filled with glorious items.

“Battle” is really a much more hardcore sci-fi outing than usual Honda air travel. Its demeanor is more serious and “factual,” at least for a 1957 B-movie space picture. While its earnestness was commendable, the fun one expects was sorely missing.

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Musix Lyrics: CLH Youths – Your Love




Counting my blessings everyday(It’s Ill-konnect on the beats)Counting my blessings everydayCounting my blessings everydayCounting my blessings everyday


Can’t you see Jehovah has done me well… o Can’t you hearJehovah don do me well… o His love and grace towards me For all He has done for me and now I walk in victory I’m a living testimony


Jehovah Your love dey make me dance o (Your love, Your love) Jehovah Your love dey make me shout e (Your love, Your love) Jehovah Your love dey make me dance o (Your love, Your love) Jehovah Your love dey make me shout e (Your love, Your love)


Counting my blessings everyday Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday O… Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday O…o… Every everyday


Can’t you see His goodness and mercies dey follow me day by day… O!Can’t you hear Papa God Him dey blessing me everywhere I dey… O! With a heart of praise and worship and in a depth of symphony My heart will make a melody I’ll praise your name forever


Jehovah Your love dey make me dance o(Your love, Your love)Jehovah Your love dey make me shout e(Your love, Your love)Jehovah Your love dey make me dance o(Your love, Your love)Jehovah Your love dey make me shout e(Your love, Your love)


Counting my blessings everyday Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday O… Every everyday Counting my blessings everyday O…o… Every everyday


Took me out of a mirry clay (Ah ha ha)Set my feet an a rock to stand (Eh he he) Papa your love dey sweet me die(Ah ha ha) See as I dey jolly dey go (Eh he he) Took me out of a mirry clay (Ah ha ha)Set my feet an a rock to stand (Eh he he)Papa your love dey sweet me die (Ah ha ha)See as I dey jolly dey go(Eh he he)

Song writer Lois Kokong and Jedidah Kokong.

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Musix: CLH Youths – Your Love


The Church Of Christ In Nation’s family have received a new addition to its pool of Gospel praise and hymns to boost praise and worships. Ever heard of the saying, he who sings prays twice. Yes, its the central theme for the new christian gospel song.

The new single is tittled YOUR LOVE which is directly translated into hausa as KAUNAR KA. The beautiful music lays emphasis on the unending and ever lasting love we humans received despite our short comings from our supreme being, GOD.

This effort is put together collaboratively from the pool of talent available in the COCIN LCC Hwolaza band in Plateau State

COCIN LCC HWOLAZA CHURCH BAND are working on their maiden album lunch Titled “YOUR LOVE” which consist of 10 self compose tracks by it’s group members with a track featuring an outstanding artist (care to know him, make it a date then) to be launch hopefully 24 of November 2019 @ COCIN LCC Hwolaza.

It’s in that light that they are releasing a single titled Your Love to give the public and insight on the contents of the album as two major producer in Jay City work on the album and include Ben Doughlas and Ill-konnect


Josloaded media has provided easy access to download this and great music for the people. You can download and use the links below to share to others yet to get this exclusive music and not forgetting to drop your comments.


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Benefit 2: Davido In Jos For Jos Mega Chillin 2019

Davido In Jos Mega Chillin 2019

David Adeleke AKA Davido owns the interntionally recognised record label, Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). It is under this reputable imprint of his that majority of his hit tracks has been released to NIGERIANS and the entire world of entertainment and art exhibitions.

More importantly, the CEO of DMW, Davido has signed new and reputable music stars to his imprint and all making considerate and deliberate efforts in the music industry in Nigeria and scooping awards both locally and internationally and doing same in events and occassions.

The likes of Mayorkun, Dremo and Perruzi, and Ichaba are now well recognised internationally courtesy of Davido Music Worldwide.

Therefore, Davido in Jos for Jos Chillin 2019 will give way for jos based upcoming musicians and entertainers the probable chance to get signed to DMW. This however, purely remains at the discretion of Davido and his management crew. SHould Davido Decide to sign then another Jos entertainer will join the league of top shot entertainers in Nigeria and possibly weigh up to the scale of Ice Prince, M.I and Jesse Jagz.

will give way for jos based upcoming musicians and entertainers the probable chance to get signed to DMW. This however, purely remains at the discretion of Davido and his management crew. SHould Davido Decide to sign then another Jos entertainer will join the league of top shot entertainers in Nigeria and possibly weigh up to the scale of Ice Prince, M.I and Jesse Jagz.

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EVENT: Plateau State Commissioner Sibling Set To Wed

EVENT: Former Commissioner Sibling Set For Wedding.

Marriage is a sacred union between two people coming together to live peaceful as Husband and Wife regardless of their individual differences and lifestyle. Marriage has been ordained by God as contained in the holy scripture to go out to the world to fulfill the prophesies handed down to Mankind by the supreme being, God.

Marriage entails forgiveness, love, spiritual and emotional support towards each other and grooming of children to grow in the word of the lord. However, marriage today seems like facade where people are join together in holy matrimony but the existence of such union collapse in matter of hours, weeks, months and some over year.

Ok, what are the root and immediate causes of break ups in among new couples and what are means to make your marriage fresh like juice and fruits.

REMIND YOUR PARTNER AND YOUSELF THAT YOU APPRECIATE THEM – APPRECIATION is a major factor in a successful marriage for you and your partner. Never neglect appreciative attitudes towards your partner and this act will make your marriage new everyday

SAY THANK YOU FOR LITTLE THINGS – How often we easily neglect to say thanks for little things. Be warned, never your consider a little gift or advice from your partner not worth appreciation. You might say this car is small you need a bigger car from your partner. Learn to appreciate the little things as the make up the larger percent of bigger things you will receive from your partner.

PRACTICE HONESTY – Honesty, remember it is a virtue of a great christian marriage. I encourage couples to admit mistakes rather than concealing the truth because of fear of your partners reaction towards your actions. It is adviceable to admit our mistakes and seek for forgiveness. You chose to lie, you need thousand of more to keep it tangent and you might never be successful till the end. Anytime you feel like being dishonest, just thing of what you have built and the future which lies ahead.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR APPEARANCE – This aspect is interesting because we marry who we have connection with and looks, and triggers the human mind to be committed to the significant other. Let tell you, the way you dress is must be goodlooking and decent enough to make your partner willing to take you out and boast about your beauty. However, if you ignore thenyou creating way for infidelity so never let your appearance drop on the scale but rise up inaccordance with the latest trend. Never you think you are already married you need to dress to impress others, yes dont dress to impress people but your partner.

PRIVATISE YOUR MATRIMONY- In marriage there are times we feel our partner is not communicating properly and hence, the need to share your problems with family and friends will pop up, yes the saying it goes;Problem shared it half solve. I laugh, you see that friend of yours in human and facing his own issue. Gone are days when you share you problems and you get assistance. What is obtainable today is criticism and backstabbing. Yes, share it and be very selective with the advice you will receive from friends.

I hope you we have communicated here and don’t hesitate to drop you comments and chat with Josloaded Relationship Expert,

Muknaan Fuanter Weds Janet Brown


Date: 26 October, 2019

Venue: Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shendam Plateau State

After Wedding Party: StandFord Bridge Hotel, Shendam

Time: 10 Am

Thank You, and have a

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Jos Trade Fair 2019 Edition Kicks Off In Jos, Plateau State

The biggest commercial event in Jos, Plateau State kicks off in earnest and features great sales and discounts to goods and services to consumers in Plateau State, Nigeria kicks off from 10th October to 17th October 2019

The Jos Trade Fair 2019 edition will be 17 days of  endless interaction, hosting hundreds of exhibitors, showcasing local products, technologies, services and opportunities as it is open to the general public.

As Music has become a major driving force within our community as such to round-up all activities of the  event, a daily concert tagged “Back To The Roots” will be staged with music performances

There will be performances from some A-List artistes with regional appeal with the presence of some promising ‘jtown’ artistes also. Some Confirmed artiste include: Classiq , Lyrical Dr Smith, Osama, BOC, Kev2Tite, Ambassador Wahala, Malangwa, Julius, Ayuba Dutse, Mc Yoyo and host of other entertainers in Plateau State.

According to information, side attractions during the 12 days concert will include: Cultural Night, Open mic ( prizes and record deals to be won) Anista Talent hunt, Comedy Night, Ladies Night,  Ghetto Concert, DJ’s Night, Dance Competition and host of other great packages.

This year Jos Trade Fair is themed: Tradefairs, A Platform For Promoting Tourism Potentials On the Plateau and will hold at the regular Jos Polo Field, along Joseph Gomwalk Road in Jos, Plateau State.  
Starting from 10th to 27th October, 2019. 

Concert Time- 6pm daily     Concert Tickets- N200  Vip (1000)  VVIP (5000)

 The event is organized by Anista marketing and events  Powered by Jen rids global resources 

CALL IN FOR YOUR SPACE BOOKINGS TODAY  Bookings and Enquiry ; 08033486915, 08053716461, 09033229919

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Benefits Of Davido In Jos 2019

Davido In Jos

Clear Your Doubt

No argument is valid which says Davido is not known in all the nooks and crannies of Jos and the entire Plateau State.

Let me tell you apart from making a mere appearance there are quite a handful of benefits which the entertainment industry in Plateau State is set to receive from Davido’s visit to Jos Chillin 2019 which is slated for 1st December 2019 at Mee’s Palace located in Rayfield, Jos South LGA.

Why clear your doubt is among the benefit of Davido in Jos, I will take you back to Davido’s post via his official twitter handle making statement about his visit to Jos, a lady (name witheld) drop a comment saying ‘I’m personally waiting for you’. You can she how
happy this lady is to meet Davido in person in her city of abode.

This lady is a case study for almost everyone in Plateau State because only a handful have met with Davido and probably not

More importantly Jos Chillin 2019 will be the first time Davido is making appearance in an event in Plateau State. So, Davido In Jos for Jos Chillin 2019 edition will give his fans in Plateau State a chance to clear their doubts and snap pictures with OBO.

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Musix: Mr M – Adura


Jos music star who had been through travails in the first months of 2019 has staged a dramatic comeback with the release of a new music called Adura.

Remember, Mr M was involved in a ghastly motor accident along Jos-Keffi road and was hospitalized for over 3 months in Jos, Plateau State.

MR M is signed to Elmore music empire, Beat Embassy Dynasty(BED), an entertainment outfit owned and managed by self aclaimed Mayor of Jos and Tinny Entertainment music producer, Elmore Hodus.

Now, the self proclaimed daddy melody is thanking God for life in a song, ADURA.


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Musix: Davido – Wetin U Say ft. Trey Songz

Nigerian Pop star David Adeleke known as Davido has released a new song today and features top American star, Trey Songz.

Davido is set to end 2019 on a high note after it has been confirmed to Josloaded Media about his schedule event at the annual Jos Chillin 2019 edition organised by Mee’s Palace and Cinema located in Jos, Plateau State.

However, before then he has drop a new single called WETIN U SAY.


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Event: Jos Chillin 2019 Features Davido

Davido In Jos 019

Fresh information reaching Josloaded Media reveals the Jos annual event known as Jos Chillin is set to return for its 2019 edition with Nigeria’s biggest entertainer, Davido.

Its quite important to note that Davido coming to Jos for 2019 Jos Chillin will be the very first time for people in Jos to see Davido in Jos. With his coming, he jons the list of A list entertainers to visit Jos, the Plateau State capital and northern Nigeria’s hot bed of entertainment.

The event is hosted by Mee’s Palace a well recognised tourism and entertainment promotion outfit in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Tickets for this premium event is available at Mees Palace cinema at 3k-Regular, 10k-VIP and 300k-Table.

However, Josloaded has provided 10 implications of Davido’s visit to Jos, Plateau State for the 2019 Jos Chillin event slated for December 1st 2019.

These 10 implications tend to provide the benefits which the Plateau State entertainment industry will derive for it is known for numerous talents it possess in the entertainment industry in Nigeria

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Musix: Bizakeem – Colorado Ft. IB Tymer & Chriss Breezy

Bizakeem Colorado

After the recent dramatic situation Bizakeem found himself, (smoking colorado and getting supper high) and intoxication.

Bizakeem shares his experience via a new song called Colorado.

BIZAKEEM of Sick Sounds Only, is prerequisite experience in the form of a love song and titled it COLORADO (SayNoToDrugs). On a short note he Advised youths to keep off drugs on his IG handle.

Bizakeem has IB Tymer and Chriss Breezy of SSO Entertainment and exceptional music producer Shambee Puzzle


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Event: Independence Fest/Award 019

The Independence Fest/Award is an annual event brought to you by Jos Fiesta with the sole aims of promoting PeaceUnity and Love in Plateau State and Nigeria.

The event comes with a lot of packages to include live performance, connection and networking, buying and selling, Game Competition, face painting, give away and lot of fun activities


Vendor=> #4000
Free for kid from 3-9 years
Ticket #300

Date: 1st October 2019
Venue: Lugi Garden Opposite Chinese Garden Jos, Plateau State.
HostModibbo Sahal

Come and experience unlimited fun… Don’t miss out tell a friend to tell a friend and another friend

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Plateau State PMAN Congress 2019 (Pictures)

Plateau State PMAN congress 2019

The Performing Music Artiste of Nigerian (PMAN) is a body created to bring out innovative ideas for the development and progress of the entertainment in Nigeria.

However, the Plateau State PMAN held a congress meeting on the 29th of September to chart the way forward for the already crumbling entertainment business and structures.

The event was held at Azi Nyako Youth Center in Dadi Kowa Jos South Local Government Area in Plateau State.

See more pictures below;

Plateau State PMAN Congress
Plateau State PMAN congress
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The Parliament ( Know Wetin Dey)

The parliament public hearing

The Parliament (Know Wetin Dey) is back and set to hit the airwaves within the city of Jos, Plateau State.

The radio session is meant to enlighten the public on the process of governance and need for accountability and transparency while building the bridge between the government of the day and its citizens.

The Public Hearing live on stage is set to take place at Plateau Rock Garden in Jos and will faeture;

Senator King

Senator Brabisco

Senator Ajanlekoko

Senator Torso

Senator Udeme

Senator Maduka

Senator Pam.

Gate entrance for tthe event is N1,000 as there will be music, dance and comedy to keep you entertained.

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Event: Face Of Nigerian Institution Award

Stunness Entertainment has unveil a new program for the higher instituions of learning in Nigeria.

This event is meant to reward outstanding performances and effort in various fields.

The event is tagged ” Face Of Nigerian Institution and Award night Recognition will feature Red Carpet will start by 2 PM and main event will kick off by 3Pm on 13th October 2019 at Millenium International Event Centre.

For Enquiries, Sponsorship and Partnership. Call

07039859534 and 08094949830

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Musix: Deece Emz – Yanga

Deece Emz - Yanga

Jos music stalwart Deece Emz has released a new single track tittled Yanga.

This was obtained from 4wardwego website on 26th September 2019, a prominent entertainment website in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Deece Emz is a music entertainer signed to Rare Breed Entertainment outfit and he is also a music producer.

Listen to Yanga and Enjoy.

Download Deece Emz – Yanga

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Be Picky With Men As Selfie

Matjing mabel

Jos celebrity lady Matjing Mabel Clement is a lady with class and her own unique standard.

However, she is always making a point whenever she post on the internet especially talking about keeping healthy relationships.

Recently, Mabel took to her Facebook handle to update especially her female friends and colleagues on the way the handle pressure of dating and choosing a boyfriend.

According to Mabel, Ladies have to be selective when it comes to dating and keeping a boyfriend. In her words ” Be as picky with men as you are with selfie’s”.

Ok, this is exactly the message and Josloaded Media want to hear from your view and perspective. Please drop a comment.

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Event: Miss NAPSS Pagentry/Dinner Award

Following the development of latest news in Plateau State, Nigeria reaching Josloaded Media states the unveiling of the prominent and popular Miss NAPSS beauty pagentry, dinner and award nights.

But this time around, the College of Nursing and Midwifery in Jos, Plateau State is the host institution. Remember, National Association of Plateau State Students (NAPSS) is a body responsible for the affairs of Plateau State indigenious students.

The event will feature appearance of beauty queens across higher institutions of learning such as; Miss Napss Zawan, Miss Nangs PLASU, Miss Napss PLASU, Miss NFI, Miss Napss UJ, Miss Nangs National Body, Face of Plateau State, Face of Nursing Vom, Miss Nightingale, Miss Napss Vom, Face of Nursing, Miss Nightingale Jos, MC Half Kilo and MC Desire.

Dance will be executed by Royal DC, Dance 360, Step One, Storm Breakers and Kevin ColdPain.

Music performances will be coming from Lil Natty, Freezlinks, Nex-B, Tawin, IME, DBC, Blizzy, Important, Fedex, AK Tamin, Anon and DJ Spanks.

The event will take place at College of Nursing and Midwifery School Hall on 28th September 2019 at 7 PM.