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Faculty Of Agriculture University Of Jos

University of Jos has the faculty of Agriculture with the following departments in the institution.

  • Agricultural Economics and Extension
  • Animal Production
  • Crop Production
  • The Farm

The faculty of agriculture in University of Jos is very important and crucial for its imparts the major tenets of modernize agricultural practices for individuals all over the country. Significantly, in Plateau State and environment agricultural activities are a major source of livelihood for people.

Therefor, the creation of the faculty of agriculture in the university of Jos is timely and great boost to development of agriculture in Plateau State and Nigeria.

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African Black Olive Fruit (Atile)

The african black olive fruit popularly called in local parlance as Atile.

This fruit is commonly found in Pankshin LGA of Plateau State in Nigeria. The oil has various uses to include oil for cooking and for performing marriage rites. It is seen as a magic oil for the human soul and can be kept for 6 months.

Olives would be a good snack choice as they are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. They are also low in calories and low on the Glycemic indexIt also has medicinal purposes especially for victims of snake bites and also cardiovascular diseases.

The fruit is also eatable and is usually kept in lukewarm water for 24 hours.
According to a healthy living advocate, Gloria Emmanuel. The seeds are used for local draught game, others roast and eat and it can be process into local condiment known as Dadawa.

It has a great potential for economic purposes for the people of Plateau State. However, there is great difficulty in the propagation of black african olive fruit.