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EiD El Kabir: Hyacinth Turnoe Appeal for Harmony and Safety

Hyacinth Turnoe appeal for Unity and Safety.

Muslim faithfuls are celebrating today as Eid El Kabir. A period to reflect on unity, love, peace and prosperity.
In light of the Eid El Kabir celebrations,  Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe has call for celebration of the event and lauds the Muslim faithfuls to reflect on the positive virtues that will propel Nigeria into a great nation.
According  to Hyacinth Turnoe, Religious sentiments among Nigerians is a source of unhealthy social living over the years but with awareness on tolerance and social harmony in being practise among people presently is it was decades ago.

The Eid El Kabir is a period to reflect and promote positive values to boost unity and tolerance amongst the diverse people of Nigeria.

Further speaking, Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe concludes the necessity of taking precautions of staying safe during the period of Eid El Kabir and subsequent festivities especially as the world is being hit with global pandemic COVID-19. He says” Covid-19 cuts across demographic lines and is a repecter of no religion and culture. When you notice this, then you have to abide by the guidelines set out by PTF on Covid-19 and NCDC to protect yourself and your family.