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Label Mates Exchange Words over Theft In Jos.

Jos music entertainment has woken up to a scuttle coming from former label Mates signed to Very Fly Nation over theft allegations.

This was reveal to Josloaded media how the label Mates has dragged each other over the internet over internal issues they both harbor for each other.

This is coming after Shadez Solomon Labar made exit from the label and was trolled by his former label mate for theft issues and how he was pardoned by the management of the entertainment company with hopes he will change his attitude.

Shadez ex-label mate, Mudar Mutbam reveal that Shadez left the label because he is a thief as he has stolen from his friends and family members.

Exclusive reports states that Shadez equally made threats towards a popular Jos OAP, VJ TWITCH which it was claim it led to his being attacked physical by unknown persons.

The issue has equally taken a different dimension as the issue is made public by the entertainment company which VJ Twitch is signed to and threaten to hold Shadez responsible if any harm should come the way of VJ Twitch again.

See screenshot of the travails between the ex-label mates.

The artistes where able to hold each other for years since the where signed in 2017 and knew the shortcomings of each other. But the the saying, what are friends for if not to back each other up. Could it be the relationship has turn sour and each has his opinion of the other and since the center holds no water the came for each other.

Mudar Mutbam accuse Shadez of using a stolen phone to chat and brag on the internet despite him having hopes for Shadez to change his behavior for good.

However, Shadez Solomon says Mudar is still bitter over songs which he has not mixed for him in the studio and calls on Mudar to focus on his on Hussle as he is still a popular demand.