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Hauwa Yakubu: My Doubt’s Clear

I write this with a heavy heart to see the efforts put in place by Plateau State government to resist the first index case in the State go under the carpet due to negligence while discharge of duty by paid employers.

24th April 2020 was the day a lady with name Hauwa Yakubu was taken into quarantine after being tested and ascertain to be positive of the deadly virus. Further revelations confirmed that Hauwa Yakubu travel to Jos from Kano State were in recent days the outbreak of coronavirus has changed its culture and way of livelihood. No doubt she travel to stay safe to enjoy the life she has to spare.


Kano State is worst hit State with a steady rise in number of corona virus cases and death. Legit Ng reports a widespread deaths of people in high density residential area’s in Kano such as Gammaje where a cemetery witness over 70 burials within 48 hours with symptoms of
What doubt is left because personally I have not come in contact of a patient with the label COVID – 19. Wait, it is in Jos North LGA. Who where the travelers with Hausa Yakubu and where are they and am sure the have mingle with family and friends. Since, they are commuters the probably hiding from Corona virus together with others who are linked to me on a scale of 1/17 LGA’s in Plateau then had contacts with me because of my habit I fake safety and brought it home to everyone just like gift but of pain, sorrow and death.

Here is a sample of her test result which was release by Regional Laboratory For Animal Influenza and Other Transboundary Animal Disease a unit in the National Veterinary Research Institute in Vom Jos South Local Government Area, Plateau State;
Plateau Covid-19 News
Covid-19 Test Result

Way and manner she got into Jos still amaze me because a law banning entry into Plateau State was still in force and prohibition of vehicular movements and yet it sneak right into our corridors

However, Hauwa Yakubu still made way and was resident at Dogon Karfe in Jos city. What brought her out into limelight was the utterance she made regarding her experience in Kano where she knew of a victim of Corona virus on personal grounds and how eventually the person died of the sickness before she came Jos.

Another source, Cishak Faboluos states that Hauwa Yakubu travelled in a commercial vehicle from Kano to Jos and proceeded to Gindiri town in Mangu LGA from where she is headed to Yelwa town in Shendam LGA before she was tracked and isolated by the Covid-19 Task force headed by His Excellency, Governor Simon Lalong. This was made available via his FaceBook account

This event have prove to the people the high corrupt and sharp practices being carried out by security personnel stationed at the State entry points.

You see, our security have betrayed the efforts of the government by letting greed get the better side of them and now making Plateau State paid the price.

Let’s Find Out! What Will Be A Better Punishment For Corrupt Security Personnel.

Many reacations have trail the emergence of the report as many have reacted showing their contempt in the actions of security personnel stationed at the State entry points.

I like to share my experience so I exposed the corrupt attitude of the personnel. I travel on motor bike from Shendam to Sabon Layin town around Taraba road to visit and check an ongoing project there. I could count the number of check points to almost 7 with 3 km only. At each of the checkpoints the personnel with tell us to either drop a paltry sum of 500 to secure our passage or you turnback to home. I kept on pleading and the same with others on the road thats how the piled us like a congregation waiting to receive penance.

At that point you think and see the shallow mindset of the security outfit in Nigeria that its eyes has been set solid on corruption and exploitation of the people that have been employed to protect.

However, the Jos residents have taken to social media and released the photo of Hauwa Yakubu and where is trending as CELEBRITY OF THE MONTH.

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  1. Please death by hanging

  2. Maybe foreign mercenaries should be hired in times of hardship before our security officers kill us in Nigeria.

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