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Avoid 419ners With These Tips. Thank Me Later.

Hello, reading this message is the perfect timing. I mean you must have an experience or heard from someone story.
Don’t hide behind ‘ I don’t care attitude because this information really will help you, friends, colleague’s and family.
All new intake and students of higher institution of learning go through vigorous process of registration to obtain university matriculation
number for identification.

Remember how many times you listen to students tell how the fell into booby traps of fraudsters, as we popularly call them on campus, scammers and 419ners.
Its felt terribly bad after you hear their experience and by sharing this post you make it a duty to help inform others on how to identify a scammer become he/she scams you.
With this development, higher institutions administration should seek to advice new intake properly on ways to avoid being played upon and getting defrauded.

Using different means like radio stations, TV channels and online portals to enlighten students. For instance, University of Jos administration make use of IceFM 96.1 and its ICT and department to compel students not to patronize road site cyber cafe operators situated in front of Semshak Hotel at the Main Campus Bauchi road and just opposite Main gate permanent site
along Farin Gada road.


  1. He/She pretend to be innocent
  2. He/She talks in a rush and mix up points
  3. He/She is eager to collect money instantly from you.
  4. He/She wants to make use of his bank account for the transaction despite telling him/her you can make use of your personal
  5. He/She insist he needs your security details you use for bank transaction.

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