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Positive Implication Of Lazy Nigerian Youth

The positive implication of Lazy Nigeria Youth speech by President Muhammadu Buhari

The speech which was widely acclaimed to President Buhari was seen by many as a negative attitude towards the youths in Nigeria. The President was criticised for labeling the Nigerian Youth a lazy youth. Many disagree but I strongly agree with the president because he bared the truth in reality which was a bitter pill for the lazy youth to swallow.
The Nigerian youth is known to be laxative and mostly dependent even when earning due to poor spending habit which is a culture in Nigeria.
Here, I have outline the positive implications of the President’s comment during a press briefing.

1. It brought unity among the youths.
2. The message was well received by youths who were actually lazy.
3. It gave birth to Entrepreneurs in the Nation.
4. It was a major pillar support for the Not too young to run bill.
5. Many Nigerians through the youth are brought to terms with true nationalism

Support GOGAN, the final believe in the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari. Let’s concentrate on the change and ensure good governance at all levels of governance in Nigeria. There is very urgent need to stop discontinuity in governance and focus on stability at the Federal, State and Local Government tiers of government.

The youths are significant others to all in the society and are doing well in academics,sports and entrepreneurial circles of life in USA, ENGLAND, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA and other countries in the world.

The unity we have achieved at the 2015 elections must be sustained to see to the successful reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari for another tenure.

Support One Nigeria.

Support Change Continuity.

Support Good Governance.

Support Good Governance Ambassadors of Nigeria.

Support GOGAN.