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Sport Will Curb Youth Restiveness

Sport administration is about creating and developing new ideas to organise, fund and manage sporting activities for both the short and long term goals.

It is unfortunate the sport ministries and organisations in the country have inadequate funding to develop sporting activities. I believe in comparison with other ministries, sports should be among the most financially prosperous at a state or federal level. However, if the methodology on how to generate or manage funds are not available, sporting activities would suffer as they have before during the 1940s to 70s. Nigeria cannot afford to go back to old years of semi-funded sporting activities.

Many countries around the globe have been funding and encouraging athletes to participate in competitive sporting activities such as football and athletics. It is to be noted, that the football business has developed into one of the largest sporting industries in the world, today. Sport is money and there should be money in sports. In order not to put stigma on sporting development in the country, and great achievements of our past and present heroes, funding should be made available for the continuity of sports development.

Sport over the years has proven to be a driving force in the development of less developed nations especially in the third world. Most developed nations have keyed into the sector with utmost planning for a long time and today the benefits is evident in countries such as, England, Spain, Brazil, USA etc.

This same sector has driven in revenue in tune of billions of dollars into their economy and this are nations without vast natural resources like Nigeria but yet they turned their miseries into opportunities by focus on human capital development.

I, Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe, out of the burning sensation and passion for sports and as former football captain of Youth Sport Federation of Nigeria sees the magnanimous level of negligence in the sports sector of Shendam, Mikang and Quan Pan and Nigeria at large. I have attended and participated in sports competition and I can proudly tell you all that the caliber of athletes and sportsmanship is found nowhere on this planet.

To this end , my word of encouragement to all and sundry to bring reasonable and brainstorming ideas to the table and chat a way forward to boost sports in our constituency without recourse to cultural, political and economical barriers. The mass amount of talents can be exploited via regular inter schools competition in our constituency which I term “Grassroots Sports Development”.

The Horvel Football Academy is founded in August 29 2017 and incorporated on the 15 November in accordance with the laws of the Federal public of Nigeria and I, a counter terrorism expert, the CEO, Hyacinth Horvel Turnoe initiated the idea of a Football Academy which was subsequently formed and now serve as platform to elate the youths to be productive in nation building and especially to produce footballers of exceptional quality, instill in them high sense of discipline, responsibility and commitment for life at the highest level of achievement. 

At Horvel Prime we have team of experience and professional people that are driven to get the very best of out of youth athletes and see them succeed to the highest level.

The Academy is a private business and I believe will surely convince you of the path you will chose during the elections should be a vote for the panacea for development and growth of Shendam, Mikang and Quan Pan.

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